HAYADI Haircare Product Shots

Taking product shots is not an easy task. However with the proper lighting and a nice studio, you can turn anything into magic! I must say, after tweaking the lights over and over again, I was able to capture perfection for HAYADI Organic Haircare! This photo was featured in the Dec. issue of OK MAGAZINE!

Interview with the cast of ‘Jersey Shore’

Just got back from shooting an interview with the cast of the ‘Jersey Shore’ at Rivoli’s restaurant in Jersey. The cast talked about their most recent season and how it was full of drama! Snooki said she is ready for her baby to pop out of her stomach and into the world! Had a huge feast afterwards with the whole gang and headed back to D.C.

Political Conventions DNC/RNC

Just got back from covering the Political Conventions live for USA TODAY in both Tampa and Charlotte. I must say it was an amazing experience being at the DNC & RNC in person and covering such an important event that can ultimately change the future of this country! Lots and lots of work and lack of sleep BIG TIME, but an overall amazing experience!

Hair by Moses Infomercial

Master stylist Moses came to me wanting an advertisement clip. He wanted something hip, fast, and full of fashion and glam! So we sat down and began at the drawing boards. We first came up with the theme and style of the piece and then moved towards a unique look. With various models, creativity, and fun we did it!



Studio Performance by Arlington based ‘SOJA’

Just finished filming three live studio performances by Arlington based reggae group ‘SOJA.’ They only had 6 of their normal 8-9 crew members, but they still sounded amazing! Interviewed lead singer Jacob Hemphill afterwards and he had some pretty eye opening things to say about humanity and life. They will be performing at the 930 Club this Friday and Saturday so be sure to CHECKEM’ OUT!

Met Gala Red Carpet event in N.Y.

In the fashion capital of the world editing celeb footage I shot earlier this evening. It’s the Oscars of N.Y. the Met Gala and I shot lots of A-List celebs while showing off their fashion and style. Beyonce made a late entrance, but her dress was the talk of the night! So much yelling and screaming from the photographers, and YES, I captured some funny moments!

My Short Film ‘Affliction’

After a year of writing, directing, filming, and editing ‘Affliction’ is finally complete! This is my Masters Thesis Film I have been working on for over a year. Thanks to a lot of very talented people, it is finally complete! And I am pleased to say that it has been nominated ‘Best Thesis Film’ in the 2012 Visions Film Festival in DC.