Zarela Mosquera: Communicating Messages Through Public Art and Design

“What inspires me to create is a constant need to challenge myself and also to problem solve.”  My latest episode of ‘People in America’ tells the story of artist and designer Zarela Mosquera. She has been communicating with all types of people through public art and design. Her latest exhibit, “The Walkway,” explores the physical and emotional effects of street harassment.

Jason Sturm: Advancing amputees & adaptive training

Jason Sturm has done much to raise the profile of adaptive training and sports for amputees. He is an Army vet, CrossFit coach and the first ever Para Bobsled World Champion! He has an amazing story to tell and I was fortunate enough to capture it in my latest ‘People in America’ video series.

A True Testament that Hard Work and Dedication Leads to Success

My latest episode of ‘People in America’ tells a tale of hard work and success! Owning a restaurant is in Tim Ma’s blood. His parents owned one in Arkansas and his uncle in NYC. Although Tim worked as an electrical engineer, he had a change of heart and decided to go to culinary school to follow his dream of opening up a restaurant. On this episode of ‘People in America’ meet Tim Ma , chef and owner of Kyirisan in Washington D.C.

Assal Ravandi: Iranian Immigrant Now Serves Veterans

Had the pleasure of sitting down with Assal Ravandi, founder of the Academy of United States Veterans. What a story she has! She’s helped her country as a soldier and continues to with her new organization. In this episode of ‘People in America’ Assal shares her views about the freedoms we take for granted in the U.S.

Peter Ripken: A Life in Literature

Peter Ripken loves literature! An author himself, he knows that some writers and artists around the world are vulnerable to censorship, harassment, imprisonment and even death. After sitting down with him I learned much about literature, humanity and the importance of preserving art in all shapes and forms. In my latest episode of ‘People in America’ Peter explains the mission behind the organization International Cities of Refuge Network (ICORN).

Tuhin Das: Exiled Writer, Poet, Blogger from Bangladesh

I had the privilege of meeting Tuhin Das, exiled writer/poet/blogger from Bangladesh. He left his country under threat of persecution and found refuge in the City of Asylum Pittsburgh residency program. His story is moving, affectionate and true. We often take for granted freedom and rights we have here in this country. It’s people like Tuhin who remind us what privileges we have.

City of Asylum co-founder Henry Reese

I took a trip to Pittsburgh to meet Henry Reese, co-founder of City of Asylum Pittsburgh. This program gives shelter and refuge to exiled writers, poets, musicians and artists from all over the world. What a fantastic global program! Watch and listen as Henry shares his story of giving and helping others in need in my latest ‘People in America’ series video, on my PORTFOLIO page!

Melody Bales: The Lady from Haiti

I had the absolute pleasure of spending some time with Melody Bales, also known as The Lady From Haiti. She has lived a life serving and helping others in need. She says, “Happiness is a treasure that I own and I like to share my treasure somehow in my life.” Listen to her amazing and inspiring story in my latest episode of ‘People in America’ now on my PORTFOLIO page!