Charles David Moody Jr: Overcoming sexual abuse and becoming truly successful

Charles David Moody Jr. is the President & CEO of C.D. Moody Construction Company. He is one of the most successful builders in Atlanta and has an amazing story to tell! Even though he was sexually abused as a child, he is now an accomplished builder, a sexual abuse survivor and a motivational speaker.

Rocky Patel: Cigar Aficionado/Enhancing the Cigar Experience

I had the opportunity to sit down with cigar aficionado Rocky Patel at his “Burn” Cigar Lounge in Tampa, FL. What an amazing place! Not only has Rocky created the Rocky Patel Premium Cigar brand but he is “enhancing the cigar experience.” Watch and listen as he explains how he created his brand in my latest episode of ‘People in America.’

Dee Dee Bridgewater: Award-Winning Jazz Vocalist & 2017 NEA Jazz Master

In my latest episode of ‘People in America’ I had the opportunity to sit with Jazz vocalist & 2017 NEA Jazz Master Dee Dee Bridgewater. What a woman! What words, what wisdom and what a cute dog she has! Be sure and check out her new album “Memphis …Yes, I’m Ready.”

Patrick J. Murphy: Former Under Secretary of the Army and Soldier for Life

What an honor it is to head into the Pentagon to tell a true America story. My latest episode of ‘People in America’ features Patrick J. Murphy, former Under Secretary of the Army. Watch and listen as he explains what it truly means to be a U.S. soldier.

Wayne Sutton: Fighting for Tech Inclusion for All

Wayne Sutton is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Change Catalyst. He explores innovative solutions to diversity the tech industry through the Tech Inclusion Conference, training, workshops and more. Some argue he is currently the leading voice of diversity and inclusion in tech. Listen to his inspiring story and mission in my latest episode of ‘People in America’ on my PORTFOLIO page.

Ben Hamburger: Bringing Communities Together through Art

Ben Hamburger is a painter/community artist in Baltimore, M.D. His latest project ‘Facing Change’ explores the stories behind the residents of Baltimore who’ve experienced the changing climate of housing development in the area. Watch and listen as Ben tells the amazing story of the residents through his art in my latest episode of ‘People in America.’

Zarela Mosquera: Communicating Messages Through Public Art and Design

“What inspires me to create is a constant need to challenge myself and also to problem solve.”  My latest episode of ‘People in America’ tells the story of artist and designer Zarela Mosquera. She has been communicating with all types of people through public art and design. Her latest exhibit, “The Walkway,” explores the physical and emotional effects of street harassment.

Jason Sturm: Advancing amputees & adaptive training

Jason Sturm has done much to raise the profile of adaptive training and sports for amputees. He is an Army vet, CrossFit coach and the first ever Para Bobsled World Champion! He has an amazing story to tell and I was fortunate enough to capture it in my latest ‘People in America’ video series.

A True Testament that Hard Work and Dedication Leads to Success

My latest episode of ‘People in America’ tells a tale of hard work and success! Owning a restaurant is in Tim Ma’s blood. His parents owned one in Arkansas and his uncle in NYC. Although Tim worked as an electrical engineer, he had a change of heart and decided to go to culinary school to follow his dream of opening up a restaurant. On this episode of ‘People in America’ meet Tim Ma , chef and owner of Kyirisan in Washington D.C.