Welcome to Kaveh Rezaei Productions

We strive to bring your visual ideas to life through video and photography.

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Our Services
Let us visually introduce you and what you do to the world!


Advertisement Videos

Trust us! We’ll create a smart, compelling and unique commercial/infomercial to showcase your products or services to the world. We pride ourselves on creativity, innovation and style. Take a look at our portfolio page and see some of our recent productions.


Digital Photography

Anyone can hit a button and snap a picture, but there is science behind capturing the perfect shot! Let us create an everlasting image for you and your organization, whether it be a product shot for your website or a portrait for your business.


Post Production Editing

Have a video in mind or already shot? Let us take it to the next level and edit it for you. We specialize in precise editing and post production. Our creative editing techniques allow for unique and incomparable final video, with impressive pacing and style!


Visual Package Production

We offer visual packages that include a mix of video and photos to better market your name and reputation. Whether it's semi-annual, quarterly or even more frequent, we can help build your brand and make sure it stays up to date and recognized in your industry.