Hair & Makeup by Sasha turns heads

Just finished a fashion shoot and video with hair & makeup artist Sasha. Her work speaks for itself and her sense for style, fashion and trends is amazing! She does it all, from hair styles to makeup, she definitely is a fashionista! Check out the video I did for Sasha on my portfolio page and be sure to check her out at Eric Alexander Salon.

Eric Alexander Salon Group Stylist Photo

Doing a fun shoot at Eric Alexander Salon in Maryland. All the stylists and staff are super cool and a pleasure to photograph. These are a few of the amazing stylists currently working at the salon. Check out my portfolio page for photos and videos and check them out online at:

A Peggy Ioakim Oscar hair due

Just shot a piece at Karma Beauty Lounge by Erwin Gomez in DC and I must say I was very impressed with the professional service and staff. Hair stylist Peggy Ioakim gave Cindy Clark an Oscar hair due and I was there to capture it all! Really is amazing how my hair takes 3 minutes to fix compared to this 2 hour shoot!

Hair by Moses Infomercial

Master stylist Moses came to me wanting an advertisement clip. He wanted something hip, fast, and full of fashion and glam! So we sat down and began at the drawing boards. We first came up with the theme and style of the piece and then moved towards a unique look. With various models, creativity, and fun we did it!



Met Gala Red Carpet event in N.Y.

In the fashion capital of the world editing celeb footage I shot earlier this evening. It’s the Oscars of N.Y. the Met Gala and I shot lots of A-List celebs while showing off their fashion and style. Beyonce made a late entrance, but her dress was the talk of the night! So much yelling and screaming from the photographers, and YES, I captured some funny moments!