HAYADI Styling Product Bundle

Just finished shooting more product photos for HAYADI. After the launch of their successful organic product line, HAYADI comes out with their all new styling product line. I must say they have some pretty amazing products, which have been featured in many magazines!

HAYADI introduces its all new Hair Mask

HAYADI always uses organic and natural ingredients to help heal and balance your scalp and hair by sealing in moisture. I had the priveleage of taking product shots of this amazing product and I must say I had a few people use it and they LOVED IT! The HAYADI hair mask is paraben free and infused with aloe, coconut oil and avocado oil. Check it out for yourself at www.hayadi.com.

HAYADI Haircare Product Shots

Taking product shots is not an easy task. However with the proper lighting and a nice studio, you can turn anything into magic! I must say, after tweaking the lights over and over again, I was able to capture perfection for HAYADI Organic Haircare! This photo was featured in the Dec. issue of OK MAGAZINE!