James Samuel ‘Cornbread’ Harris Sr: Minnesota’s Music Legend

Had the opportunity to sit with James Samuel ‘Cornbread’ Harris Sr, living legend and musician. He is an American musician who performs in Minneapolis, Minnesota and was a performer in Minnesota’s first rock ‘n’ roll record. He is also the father of record producer Jimmy Jam. Check out his passionate and inspiring story of music in this episode of ‘People in America.’

SOJA performing at Wolf Trap

Took some photos for SOJA while they stopped here on tour in their hometown to play at Wolf Trap. Sold out show in V.A. and SOJA definitely thanked all their fans as they played their hearts out. Lead singer Jacob Hemphill mentioned, “We wouldn’t be here tonight if it weren’t for all you guys out there…” Check out more photos by visiting my portfolio page.

My debut as Co-Host for USA TODAY’s StudioA show

After a year of shooting and editing StudioA band performances for USA TODAY, I am finally the new co-host along with Korina Lopez. This show showcases emerging artists and bands with live performances and interviews. Check it out for yourself and see all the interviews and music performances at:  studioA.usatoday.com and be sure to check out my debut as co-host at:  http://t.co/L4bxkH49V5

Performance by Indie rock band ‘Grouplove’

‘Grouplove’ stopped by the 9:30 Club in DC last month and I had the privilege of shooting them during their sound check before their live performance. No wonder they are one of the top Indie rock bands, they truly sound amazing! They also sat down for an interview and talked about their new upcoming album and how they all met in the beginning.