Ranee Ramaswamy: The Story and Culture of Dance

We had the good fortune of spending the day with Ranee Ramaswamy, founder and co-artistic director of the Ragamala Dance Company. She is a Choreographer and Principal Dancer along with her creative partner (and daughter) Aparna Ramaswamy. Their performers merges the rich traditions and deep philosophical roots of their Indian heritage with their hybridic perspective as first generation Indian-Americans.

James Samuel ‘Cornbread’ Harris Sr: Minnesota’s Music Legend

Had the opportunity to sit with James Samuel ‘Cornbread’ Harris Sr, living legend and musician. He is an American musician who performs in Minneapolis, Minnesota and was a performer in Minnesota’s first rock ‘n’ roll record. He is also the father of record producer Jimmy Jam. Check out his passionate and inspiring story of music in this episode of ‘People in America.’