SOJA performing at Wolf Trap

Took some photos for SOJA while they stopped here on tour in their hometown to play at Wolf Trap. Sold out show in V.A. and SOJA definitely thanked all their fans as they played their hearts out. Lead singer Jacob Hemphill mentioned, “We wouldn’t be here tonight if it weren’t for all you guys out there…” Check out more photos by visiting my portfolio page.

HAYADI Styling Product Bundle

Just finished shooting more product photos for HAYADI. After the launch of their successful organic product line, HAYADI comes out with their all new styling product line. I must say they have some pretty amazing products, which have been featured in many magazines!

67th Annual Tony Awards in NYC

I went to NYC to cover the 67th Annual Tony Awards at Radio City Music Hall for USA TODAY. I must say that Broadway does it best! So many expressive actors walked the red carpet and they had a TON to say and show! Even though it’s pretty tough shooting at an event like this, it was a blast and I had a chance to meet many new faces.

Hair & Makeup by Sasha turns heads

Just finished a fashion shoot and video with hair & makeup artist Sasha. Her work speaks for itself and her sense for style, fashion and trends is amazing! She does it all, from hair styles to makeup, she definitely is a fashionista! Check out the video I did for Sasha on my portfolio page and be sure to check her out at Eric Alexander Salon.

My debut as Co-Host for USA TODAY’s StudioA show

After a year of shooting and editing StudioA band performances for USA TODAY, I am finally the new co-host along with Korina Lopez. This show showcases emerging artists and bands with live performances and interviews. Check it out for yourself and see all the interviews and music performances at: and be sure to check out my debut as co-host at:

Hair by Moses introduces its ‘Smoothing Elixir Haircare System’

Moses came to me for professional product photos, so we went to the studio and created magic! The design and quality that has gone into each product is genuinely amazing. The ‘Smoothing Elixir Haircare System’ by Moses is available online and will be soon sold at Bloomingdale’s. All the natural oils and minerals make these products truly complete and unique, PLUS IT SMELLS AMAZING!

Eric Alexander Salon Group Stylist Photo

Doing a fun shoot at Eric Alexander Salon in Maryland. All the stylists and staff are super cool and a pleasure to photograph. These are a few of the amazing stylists currently working at the salon. Check out my portfolio page for photos and videos and check them out online at:

HAYADI introduces its all new Hair Mask

HAYADI always uses organic and natural ingredients to help heal and balance your scalp and hair by sealing in moisture. I had the priveleage of taking product shots of this amazing product and I must say I had a few people use it and they LOVED IT! The HAYADI hair mask is paraben free and infused with aloe, coconut oil and avocado oil. Check it out for yourself at

HAYADI Haircare Product Shots

Taking product shots is not an easy task. However with the proper lighting and a nice studio, you can turn anything into magic! I must say, after tweaking the lights over and over again, I was able to capture perfection for HAYADI Organic Haircare! This photo was featured in the Dec. issue of OK MAGAZINE!

Studio Performance by Arlington based ‘SOJA’

Just finished filming three live studio performances by Arlington based reggae group ‘SOJA.’ They only had 6 of their normal 8-9 crew members, but they still sounded amazing! Interviewed lead singer Jacob Hemphill afterwards and he had some pretty eye opening things to say about humanity and life. They will be performing at the 930 Club this Friday and Saturday so be sure to CHECKEM’ OUT!